Kelly and Cheeto

  Suzie and Baau

Victor and Homer had been together 11 years.  Homer was a wonderful companion and service dog.  Homer alerted Victor when his blood sugar is too low. If Victor dropped his insulin or the insulin bottle rolled behind his desk, Homer retrieved the insulin and brought it to Victor. Homer was a celebrity at the Westward Ho and in the neighborhood.  Victor writes a column in the newsletter at the Westward Ho and many of his neighbors were convinced that Homer was the true author.  Victor assures me that Homer did not type but he was the inspiration for the column.  Victor took Homer everywhere he went.  All the bus drivers knew him and fellow train riders enjoyed his happy demeanor.  Homer came from a great bloodline.  Homer’s half- brother is also a service dog and alerts his owner to the onset of a seizure.  Victor told me that his life was greatly enriched by his companion and service dog.  Victor was concerned that where he lived was making it difficult for other residents to have a wonderful companion by doubling the cost of the pet deposit.  Victor said that everyone at the Westward Ho is on a fixed income.   Homer is now chasing stars up in the heavens, and is greatly missed.


Cheeto is a beautiful cat that was a gift from her son.  When Kelly looks at Cheeto she is reminded of her son’s love.  Her cat got the name Cheeto because that was her son’s nickname as a child.  Kelly said that Cheeto is very mischievous and keeps her on her toes.   Kelly and Cheeto have been together two years and she looks forward to their future together.

Betty Mae will tell you that Boots is her child.  She loves her dog the same as she would love a five year old child. She never misses an opportunity to spoil her child.  Boots brings much joy and unconditional love into her life.  She enjoys dressing Boots up in different outfits for Holidays and special occasions.  Most of all she loves his companionship.  Boots sleeps by her feet on her bed every night.  Betty Mae said that Boots keeps her happy, healthy and full of life.

Victor and Homer

Betty Mae and Boots

Suzie and Baau have been best friends for four years.  Baau is a therapy dog and Suzie depends on him in many ways.   Suzie shares her bed with Baau and she said she could not sleep if he was not there with her.  Suzie refers to Baau as her love bug.  She said he is very snuggly and prefers to sit in her lap.  Suzie wishes she could spoil him more with his favorite treats (raw hide bones, Turkey Jerky and Chicken Jerky).