As an ordained Interfaith Minister, animal advocate and head of the Animal Kinship Ministry of New Vision Center for Spiritual Living, I am committed to feeding and saving the lives of animals, and especially helping those pet owners and families who are homeless and/or experiencing financial hardships. I started Phoenix Pet Food Pantry because I wanted to concentrate on helping the people of downtown and central Phoenix keep their beloved pets. 

These pets give them a purpose in their lives, along with the added physical and mental health benefits associated with pet ownership.  In addition, although I have three other dogs, I do this in memory of my beloved Roxie, and all other pets that deserve a chance to stay in their forever homes.

Roxie was my lovable 4 yr. old American Bulldog mix, who was blind and crippled, beaten and starved in central Phoenix when I found her as a puppy. She just about gave up until I found her. I am here to help all the Roxie's here in Phoenix because they can’t help themselves.  Roxie has now entered the heavens and is running and romping freely, in no pain, with all the other beloved pets who are waiting there for their owners.

Mary Neuling, President and Founder


Mary Neuling, President and Founder